Who attends Freedom Week?
Freedom Week is attended by thirty students every year, most of whom are undergraduates. Several lecturers will also stay the entire week, making it easy to have discussions or ask questions in a social context.

How much does Freedom Week cost?
Freedom Week is entirely free for the students. Meals and single-occupancy accommodation in the College are provided free of charge to all participants.

Are travel grants available?
No. Students are responsible for making their own way to and from Cambridge.

How competitive is the application process?
The application process for Freedom Week is very competitive, and unfortunately many applicants have to be turned away. But if you are talented and enthusiastic, please don’t let that stop you from applying. It is to your advantage to apply early, as participants are selected as and when applications come in.

How many hours of lectures are there on each day?
The timetable for 2017 has not yet been finalized, but last year there were roughly 6 hours of lectures most days, and 3 hours of lectures on Wednesday.  

Is Freedom Week party political?
No – Freedom Week has no ties to any political party, and does not exist to serve any party political agenda. It is more concerned with ideas, principles and theories than it is with politicians and current affairs.

What is expected of Freedom Week participants?
Freedom Week participants are to arrive at St Catharine's College by Midday on Monday 3 July, and to remain in Cambridge for the duration of the seminar.  No exceptions will be made. While in Cambridge, participants must attend all lectures and meals. It will finish on the afternoon of the 8 July.

Do I need to have studied economics or politics?
No. There are no particular academic requirements for Freedom Week participants. We only ask that people be enthusiastic to learn about classical liberalism and free market economics.

Should I do any reading / preparation?
There is no reading list you must complete before attending Freedom Week. However, should you wish to familiarize yourself with some of the ideas and concepts that will be discussed at Freedom Week, the Adam Smith Institute’s A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty is available for free download here. The writings of Milton Friedman and FA Hayek may also be useful.