Hundreds of young thinkers have been on (and been thrilled by) Freedom Week. If you are unsure about applying, here is what they have to say about the experience

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anna Carruthers

"I decided to apply for Freedom Week in my final year of school, and given that I was only just old enough to apply and had never labelled myself a libertarian, I was surprised to be selected for such a prestigious course.

I arrived expecting to feel out of my depth - but I needn’t have worried. The lectures were great, touching on a wide range of areas, and everyone was really friendly, quickly forming a tight knit group. Coming from an economics background, I relished the chance to explore some of the philosophical and political implications of libertarian ideas; and as everyone on the Week came from different backgrounds and areas of study, the discussion groups were filled with many interesting (and often different!) opinions.

Between these experiences, and the numerous social events and nights out that filled the week; I had an amazing time, coming away with a group of really great friends and a wider perspective on many issues I previously hadn’t thought about – I would recommend this experience to anyone."

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Oliver riley

"I applied to Freedom Week not expecting to get in. So when I did I was overjoyed! I was nervous at first, not knowing anyone else on the Week, but the people were all so friendly and good fun. Having the lectures in beautiful Cambridge was amazing, and we played just as hard as we worked, (if not harder) going out almost every night. Friends and memories were made that will remain with me for life. I would do it again in a trice." 

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Razzaq ahmed

"The lectures were incredibly broad in nature and were never limited to a single academic discipline - so regardless of one's background, everybody could contribute their views at some point during the course of the week. At no point did I feel a question or debate over the course of the week had not been addressed adequately or in enough depth by an attendee or a member of staff and thus the week was a fantastic example of collaborate discovery.

I have met and made some great friends as a result of freedom week - the sort you can have an informed and polarising debate with and still have a fantastic time with for hours at a riverside pub (which we did). The social events cannot be praised enough.

Dare I say this is a sought after, respected academic programme for anyone willing to learn and question their own knowledge base and the chance to make a number of great friends."