A joint project of the Adam Smith Institute
& the Institute of Economic Affairs

2011 Timetable

Monday 11 July

2–2.30pm: Madsen Pirie – “John Stuart Mill’s Tradition of Liberty”

2.30–4pm: Mark Pennington – “Hayek and the Spontaneous Order Tradition”

4.30–6pm: Steve Davies – “Freedom in the Making of the Modern World”

Tuesday 12 July

9–10.30am: Chris Snowdon – “Why the Spirit Level is Wrong and Dangerous”

11–12.30pm: Craig Smith – “Classical Liberalism and Social Justice”

2.30–4pm: Philip Booth – “Trade, Aid, Fair Trade, and Development”

4.30–6pm: Mark Pennington – “Public Choice and the Politics of Government Failure”

6–7.15pm: Kevin Dowd – “Capitalism True and False”

Wednesday 13 July

9–10.30am: Steve Davies – “History as the History of Liberty”

11–12.30pm: Anthony Evans – “Introduction to Austrian Economics”

4–5.30pm: Steve Davies – “Classical Liberalism and the Welfare State”

5.30–6.30pm: Craig Smith – “Civil Society vs Politics”

Thursday 14 July

9–10.30am: Steve Davies – “The Private Provision of Public Goods”

11– 12.30pm: Anthony Evans – “The Financial Crisis: Causes and Cures”

2.30–4pm: Anthony Evans – “Competition and Monopoly”

4.30–6pm: Mark Pennington – “Free Market Environmentalism”

Friday 15 July

9–10.30pm: Craig Smith – “Adam Smith and Political Economy”

11–12pm: Faculty Panel with Steve Davies, Tom Clougherty, Anton Howes and Craig Smith.

12–1pm: Closing speech by JP Floru